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Singing Swallows by Romi Kupfer



“A storyteller can attempt to tell the human tale, can remind us that the swallows still sing around the smokestacks.” – Jane Yolen.

A beautiful and symbolic representation of a storytelling experience that cannot be replicated. An early start to understanding the Holocaust, connecting to young peoples lives through voice recording and visual storytelling.

Singing Swallows is a physical theatre performance telling stories from four Holocaust survivors. The audience experiences all sound through individual headphones, which they are given at the beginning of the performance. Through these headphones, each Holocaust story is shared by the voice of a young person, as the survivors the stories are based on were of young age during the Holocaust. In between the verbal storytelling, the performers on stage activate the recyclable set, bringing to life the personal experiences heard through the headphones.

Singing Swallows will have audio description and open captions.

“I have felt there is a void to sharing these days with younger children, in terms of

availing age appropriate, emotionally sensitive material... Romi and her team were

able to help us fill that void this year.”

Rivka Measey | Leibler Yavneh College Primary Coordinator of Informal Jewish Education


Created by: Romi Kupfer

Producer: Romi Kupfer

Assistant Producer: Talia Meyerowitz-Katz

Performers: Romi Kupfer, Sol Feldman, Flora Feldman

Sound Designer: Justin Gardam

Lighting Designer: John Collopy

Original performer and education consultant: Tammy Cohen

Voiced by: Raymond Kupfer, Zac Maidenberg, Jasmine Filer, Ellie Goldenberg, Noah Goldenberg

Supported by: Gandel Philanthropy, Besen Family Foundation, Australian Cultural Fund, Auspicious Arts Projects

DURATION: 35 min


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Category Arts

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