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Intoxica - 30th Anniversary + Draught Dodgers

The party of the decade is happening in St Kilda!!

Come and experience a unique blend of psychobilly, surf apocalypse, and relentless rock and roll, presented in a blistering live INTOXICA performance!!

INTOXICA play rock and roll, pure and simple. With Garage, Rockabilly, Surf and Blues in it. Thumping drums and bass, fuzzy and twangy guitars and the distinctive vocal styling and hypnotic presence of Tony Shaw. You can dance to every song except the really fast ones that you can only shake to. This Melbourne live scene mainstay, famous for being the wild night out, is packing a new generation of fans is into venues AND, on Friday the 27th of March INTOXICA will celebrate the 30/31st anniversary of the release of their first album ‘Intoxica’ at Memo Music Hall.

The release of the vinyl 12” LP in November 1989 was also the first by fledgling label Shock Records of an Australian band ((Shock LP 1). The album was launched, fittingly, at St Kilda’s POW Hotel December 9 1989. In 1990 CDs were impacting the market and artists were cramming them with tracks because they could. Intoxica returned to the studio, recorded five more tracks and rereleased the album as a seventeen track CD (Shock CD 001). The album contains the band’s first (still vinyl) single ‘Brandivino Party’ and songs that are still crowd favorites to this day: ‘Funnel Of Love’, ‘Boss Hoss’ and of course ‘Intoxica’!

INTOXICA will perform all seventeen tracks at what is sure to be an historic and heroic performance at Memo!

Band members are:

Tony Shaw – vocal

Original member of The Corpse Grinders, also fronts The Exotics.

Australia’s most mesmerizing front man has influenced everybody from Tex Perkins to Guy Sebastian. They don’t come close.

Teebs – bass

Original member of The Corpse Grinders, played in The Band Who Shot Liberty Valance. Also plays upright with The Murder Rats. An unrelenting bass powerhouse.

George – guitar

From The Olympic Sideburns. Unique – nobody plays or sounds like George. Intoxica’s snappiest dresser.

Nicky Del Rey – guitar

Joined The Corpse Grinders in 1985. Played with The King Jerklews, Truckasaurus, Jack Howard, Crane Trash, Monique Brumby and Doug Mansfield to name a few. Currently with Jack Howard, The Cartridge Family, The Sideshow Brides and Surf&Turf! Plays anything with anybody.

Lluis Fuzzhound – drums

Drums from Muffcake in Melbourne to Los Chewbaccas and Negative Waves in Spain. Guitar/vocals back in Melbourne with Midnight Woolf and back in Spain with Psycho A Go Go. Back on drums with Intoxica in Melbourne. Plays guitar and drums simultaneously with Thee Cha Cha Chas. Phew! Spain sounds good. The groove is massive.

And to prepare yourself for a historical and epic celebration, the DRAUGHT DODGERS will open the night at the theatre with their whirlwind guitars, V8 fuelled backbeats, electrified hip shakin’ swagger & a whole lot of boot stompin’ action as Tim Rogers brand new guitar spanking outfit fronted by Diamond Jack Davies, alongside rhythm section Evan Richards & Mick Sayers, take to the stage for a night of soul saving rock ‘n’ roll dance music

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